Mobile, Not Just Social But Local As Well

Mobile technology represents true media and content convergence.  Smart phones and tablets can be considered an extremely effective, high tech direct response tool for local businesses.  It is also becoming the preferred avenue for social media interaction.  New research points to how local information seekers use their smart phones and how socially engaged they are.

• Over half of smart phone owners check social networks via mobile device on a daily basis

• 77% of those who looked for local information contacted a local business; nearly 60% visited
a location

• Nearly 90% of mobile consumers who seek local information take action that same day, 36% act immediately and almost 40% take action within a few hours

• Over 40% of those who sought information made a purchase, more than a third made an
in-store purchase

What Does This Mean To You?

Smart phones give you access to consumers on devices that they are rarely without and mobile ads drive action.

• Nearly half of consumers who saw a mobile ad took some kind of action

• Over a quarter contacted the advertiser

• A third visited the company’s location

• Half made a purchase

Consumers use their mobile devices for many reasons and these reasons can effect your business and drive sales for your company.
Search – An effective SEO program will create awareness for your business and make sure that consumers on both mobile and desktop devices contact you and not your competitors
Social – Reputation management is extremely important when it comes to social media.  A poor social
reputation will drive customers to your competitors
Mobile Advertising – Don’t just slap your ads on to any mobile sight. Make sure that sight is targeted to your best prospects and the content is relevant to the people you want to reach.  For more information on fully realizing all mobile can offer to help you be successful, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: RocketFuel


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