Top Tablet Content

Over the past couple of days we’ve looked into the growth of tablets and who the device users are. The top reason people use tablets is to access information or content.  This year, nearly 70 million tablet owners will access content on via their device.  Year over year, the number of users has more than doubled. Many types of content that tablet owners access can help you connect device owners with your brand.

• Roughly two-thirds of consumers access the mobile web or check email via tablet

• Six in 10 play games and just over half engage with a social network

• Video is the top type of content accessed via tablet.  54% will watch a video at least once a week on their tablet

• Nearly half get weather information

• Approximately four in 10 get either local or national news on their tablet

• 36% get entertainment content

• One in three get sports information, read newspaper content or read magazines via tablet

• More than 9 in 10 have watched short videos on news, sports TV shows and weather forecasts

• Over six in 10 have accesses user generated content videos such as YouTube

What Does This Mean To You?

There are many ways to optimize and monetize tablet content and create awareness for your business.  Knowing the types of content people engage in is the first step. The strategy behind leveraging content is next.

• Mobile web: At their heart, tablets are still a mobile device.  The types of content consumers can access is nearly limitless.  Narrow your choices down to those that appeal to your target audience.
Also, be weary of sites with lots of animation.  These will have slower load times and will be harder to read.  Examine the navigation on sites you might consider for advertising.  Make sure that they are user friendly.

• Email: A large percentage of consumers open email on mobile devices before they look at them on desktop devices.  Do not use attachments in your marketing email.  When you use attachments you run the risk of having content that will not display or makes the recipient jump through hoops to open.  A frustrated recipient is not likely to have a favorable view of your products.  Do not link to flash content.  Over half of the tablets that are deployed are made by Apple – they cannot open flash.

• Video:  Video pre-roll can drive your message home.  It increases product recall by 52%.  Consumers are also searching out promotional video content.  Pairing your message with engaging video content

As tablets become more prevalent, your business should plan to capitalize on their use and functionality.
When was the last time you reviewed your marketing plans?
Are they tablet compatible?
For more information on tablet content that creates awareness, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Center For Media Research; OPA; Frank Magid Associates


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