Growth In Tablet Ownership

The tablet audience is rapidly growing.  The introduction of more Android powered devices and Apple now on the third version of the iPad means a much larger segment of consumers will own a tablet. There is a new study out that gives a comprehensive look at who tablet owners are and what activities they take are involved in.

• Over 30% of the online population (Age 8-64) use tablet devices

• There are an estimated 74 million tablet users in the US, an increase of over 150% from last year

• Android tablet adoption is expected to jump to nearly equal Apple tablet adoption this year

• Tablet users love their device.  Nearly 60% are very satisfied with their tablet, up 16% from 2011

• Tablet penetration is expected to reach nearly 50% of online users by early next year

What Does This Mean To You?

One in five adults in Broward and Palm Beach Counties will own a tablet by the end of this year; among those with Internet access, that number jumps to nearly one in four.  The portability and functionality that tablets provide ensure that they will not only become more commonplace, but users will also depend on them more.
Apps can help you create awareness for your business.  Whether they are games, information based or social entities, you should still make sure that the audience is relevant to your business.  Putting your message in places where your target audiences will not see them does you no good.  For more information on reaching your best prospects and harnessing the power of mobile devices, please contact, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Center For Media Research; OPA; Frank Magid Associates


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