Social Media And Business

Many businesses think they are doing social media marketing by just putting
up a Facebook page or launching a Twitter feed.  Success with social media means having a strategy.  By creating an holistic strategy that effectively integrates social, mobile and digital tactics into an overall marketing plan, you can get results from your social offerings.  A report is out that looks into some social success.

• 43% of marketers said that they noticed a their company’s sales performance inporived due to social campaigns

• Over 70% of marketers said that social campaigns improved traffic to their company’s web site

• Nearly 80% said their company is getting better qualified leads after embarking on social marketing

• Over 90% of companies using social media are on Facebook, 84% are on Twitter, 71%  are on LinkedIn and nearly 70% have a blog

• LinkedIn was four times as effective in gaining B2B leads as Facebook
or Twitter

What Does This Mean To You?

So maybe your company is either getting its feet wet with social media or you need to more results from your social efforts.
Ask yourself these questions:

• How are increasing your “likes”

• What are you doing monetize your fans and followers?

• What kind of offers or content are you offering them? Is it exclusive
and valuable?

• Are you using positive comments as testimonials? Are you rewarding those who give positive feedback?

• How do you deal with negative comments? What are you doing to
mitigate them

• Do you have a loyalty program?

These are the building blocks of a successful social media strategy and they are just some of the things that can help you turn your social offerings into results.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look at some of the social mistakes companies are making.  For more information on generating business with social media,
please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source:; Kalena Jordan,;; MediaBistro


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