Snapshot Of A Google+ And LinkedIn User

All this week, we’ve given provided usage statistics, demographics and other glimpses into overall social media use, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Today we’re going to look at the other two major social entities – Google+
and LinkedIn.


• There are over 90 million unique users on Google+

• The vast majority of Google+ users are male (71%)

• 44% of Google+ users describe themselves as single

• 42% of users are on the site to look for friends

• The top occupation among users is engineer


• LinkedIn has over 150 million users

• 75% of users are there for business purposes

• Over 2 million companies have a presence on LinkedIn

• 71% of LinkedIn users have household incomes of $50,000+, more than 20% are in the $100,000+ level

• Half of LinkedIn users are college graduates

What Does This Mean To You

While these two social entities have smaller user bases, both offer your business great targeting options.  These sites are populated with well educated, high earners with good jobs.  LinkedIn is a great social pathway to expand upon any B2B marketing effort your company maybe doing. The tight focus of these sites underscores the importance of targeting.  Making sure that your message is relevant to the audience on the sites where you might advertise is key.  The people you use these sites are also used to getting a response when they post questions.  Reputation management with these audiences is vital.
They put a lot of faith in the opinion of their peers.  For more information in successful social marketing, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source:; Kalena Jordan,;


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