Why Consumers Are Using Social Media

Recently, we’ve had posts on how companies are using social media and how consumers are using social networks to give companies feedback about products. Your organization’s social success starts with understanding why consumers use social media.  A newly released study looks at the underlying reasons why people use social networks.

• Two-thirds of online adults in the US utilize social media

• 67% adopt social media to stay in touch with their friends

• Over 60% use social media to stay in touch with family

• Half of American social networkers are on social sites to reconnect with
old friends

• Social networking is now the most popular online activity.  22% of time spent online is with social offerings

What Does This Mean To You

Think of social networks as a connection point.  Consumers use it to create connections or keep existing ones alive.  It’s also your chance to engage consumers and form relationships with them.  Social media can help your business extend its message through fans and followers.  It can also help you target specific audiences deliver exclusive content to your followers.  Social media is not on monolithic organism, the sites differ in the audiences they attract and the purposes they fulfill.   All this week, we’ll be focusing posts on the major social media platforms and the audiences they serve.  For more information on creating a successful social media strategy, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Prosper Mobile Insights; Biginsight


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