High Tech Devices And The Olympics

Last week, we showed information on how worldwide audiences would be keeping up with the 2012 London Olympic Games.  A newly released study focuses on the platforms that online US adults will use
to get their Olympic fix.  One of the major differences between the two studies is that online adults here plan on being much more dependent on mobile devices than Olympic fans from across the globe.

• In the US, the average consumer will spend 6.7 weekday hours and 5.9 weekend hours watching the 2012 London Olympic games

• One in five will watch at least some part of the games while at work

• While over 90% of those who plan to watch will do so on a TV, 46% will also get Olympic coverage from a laptop and nearly 40% will watch on a desktop

• Over 30% of those who watch the games will watch on a tablet, male Olympic fans are 43% more likely to watch on a tablet than female fans

• More than one in four plan to watch on a smart phone

• Social media is going to be a big part of the games, 87% of online adults say they will post or text about the Olympics

• Over three quarters of social Olympic fans will post on Facebook, Nearly a third will tweet about the games.  Over one in four will post to YouTube videos about the Olympics

• Over half of these fans plan to cheer on a team or athlete via social media, more than 20% will talk about final medal results, 11% will post about the opening and closing ceremonies

• 60% of Olympic fans will watch the games with family

• The top three Olympic sports are swimming, gymnastics and basketball

What Does This Mean To You

The Olympics is more than just a time to wave the flag, cheer on athletes and learn about sports that you’ve never heard of before (Did you know there is actually an Olympic trampoline event?).
It’s a great opportunity to connect with consumers and develop deeper loyalty.
With so many people communicating about the games via social media, use your social offerings to talk about the games and give event results.
Maybe create a special offer for those who “Like” your Olympic content.
You can also create special in-store deals for those who show their support.
Point-of-sale materials like pins, wristbands, flags and other things can also help extend in-store sales.
The games offer a special bonus for those selling consumer electronics, 16% of shoppers will buy devices just to watch the 2012 Olympiad.  For more information on how to leverage the 2012 Olympics and get gold medal results, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer: TechBargains


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