The Growth Of Mobile Exclusives

Consumers are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices for everything from basic communication to researching & purchasing products.  This mobile dependency has led to a new segment of consumer, the mobile exclusive.  A new research report chronicles these mobile only consumers and there are some interesting implications for businesses.

• Over half of mobile users only use mobile devices to check
their email

• 45% of consumers who have mobile devices conduct mobile only searches

• Over 40% of mobile owners connect with friends on social networks using only mobile devices

• Three in 10 mobile owners bank without ever using a PC or laptop – they only use mobile devices

• One in four mobile consumers shop online exclusively with mobile devices

• Nearly 70% of mobile users conduct at least one web-based activity solely on a mobile device

What Does This Mean To You

We’ve been saying for a while that mobile is important to your business and that not having a mobile presence could seriously hurt your bottom line.  This study is just more information proving the importance of mobile. Look at the number of patrons your business has, examine how many are using smart phones. By not being involved in the mobile space, you are simply going to be at a disadvantage in getting your message to them.  The study also points to some interesting future developments.  With 30% of mobile users exclusively banking by mobile device, there is a good chance mobile payment is on the horizon.  Also, mobile social networking is on the rise – this means that customers can post about your business in real time. Your company should be prepared with a reputation management plan.  This will help you take advantage of positive postings and mitigate negative ones.  The bottom line is mobile is not a going away.  If you are not involved in mobile, you are giving your competition an open invitation to take shoppers from you.  For more information on creating a winning mobile strategy, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Prosper Mobile Insights; Biginsight


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