Parents And Teens Online

Parents and teens have always had differences in their choices of music, clothes and food.  Surprisingly, today’s parents and teens have similar behaviors when it comes to internet enabled devices.  A new study has come out that looks at the time parents and teens spend online and the devices they use.

• Laptops were the devices used most often by both teens (37%) and parents (35%) to access the internet.  Desktop devices were second, teens (30%) parents (32%)

• Parents (15%) spent slightly more time
online with smart phones than teens (14%)

• More evidence was shown that gaming is not just for kids. Teens spent 6% of their time online with gaming consoles, adults spent 7% of their online time with consoles

• Teens (5%) spent more internet time with tablets than their parents (4%)

What Does This Mean To You

Both teens and their parents spend a large amount of time online using mobile devices.  Its further evidence proving that mobile web use will overtake standard access in short order.
We’ve recently showed research about how many companies currently have mobile solutions and the amount that will be soon getting into mobile. Is your business currently optimized for mobile?
If not, why?  Mobile is the way many consumers find local businesses.  It also gives your message a conduit to active consumers.  Many consumers don’t just rely on their mobile devices, they are addicted to them.  By not utilizing a mobile solution, you are putting revenue at risk.
If you do have a mobile solution, how current is it?  Is your staff well-versed in your mobile offerings? How well does the site operate?  These are questions that you need to ask because they have a direct bearing on if consumers will use it.  If shoppers do not have a good initial user experience, they will likely move on to another site.  A bad mobile experience can create a loyal customer for one of your competitors.  For more information on using mobile to create revenue, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; McAfee


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