Purchase Decisions and “Likes”

One question many companies are asking is what the link is between social media “likes” and follows and purchase intent.  There has been a few research reports on social media’s effect on consumer buying patterns and if a consumer who “likes” a product is apt to make addition purchases. But a new report has come out that looks at how social brand evangelism brand “likes” effect the purchasing behavior of friends.

• Currently, 18% of online adults said they would buy a brand if a friend “liked” it on Facebook

• The percentage was virtually identical between men (17%) and women (18%)

• Nearly one in four adults under 35 said that if a friend “liked” a brand, they would buy it

• One in five adults age 25 to 49 would be more likely to purchase because of a friends “like”

• Less than 10% of 50 to 64 year olds would be affected by a friends “liking” of a brand

What Does This Mean To You

One recent report showed that the reason most consumers “liked” a product is because they were already loyal customers of the brand.  The ripple effect of friends “liking” a brand could prove beneficial to your business and create new customers virally.  There are two things you can do to cultivate “likes” and stir social affinity.  First is rewarding those who “like” with valuable offers that are exclusive to them.  By doing this, you will also help boost long-term loyalty that will last long after them have “liked” your company.  The other things you can do is monitor and protect your social reputation.  If a consumer is moved by the social activity of a friend, they are likely to socially investigate.  If they see lots of negative comments, it could deter them from buying your brand or patronizing your location.  For more information on creating more sales through social media, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Ipsos OTX


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