Relevant Ads More Effective With Women

Women can be a major factor when it comes to the success of any business.  Targeting them with online video content can help you build loyalty among them and increase brand affinity.  A new research report details how females feel about contextually relevant online video ads and the sites they appear on.

• Over six in 10 women say that relevant online video advertising makes them see the brand in a more favorable light

• 56% of women said they had a more favorable opinion of sites featuring relevant video ads

• Half of online females said that relevant video ads made their web experience more valuable

• Nearly 70% of female internet users said they were more likely to pay attention to video ads that were relevant to the site they were visiting

• 70% of women were likely to ignore video ads that were not relevant to the site they were visiting

What Does This Mean To You

These are just more examples of why targeting is so important to your business.  We’ve had recent posts showing how important online video is and consumers desire for it.  But if you are not focusing your message and using sites that don’t cater to your target audience, all your efforts could be wasted.
There are several ways to use video to your advantage.  Have customers create video testimonials and reward these loyal patrons with valuable offers for sharing them .  An actual customer saying how great your business is holds much more weight than you doing it yourself.  Besides posting these testimonials to your social offerings, ask the customer to put it on theirs.  Make sure all of your videos are share-able.  Make it easy for consumers to forward your video message to others.  Also investigate the ability to have your video ads expand to full page or cover the majority of the page.  This will give your message a dominant position and you won’t be competing with other messages.  For more information on how to increase customer engagement through video, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Vibrant Media; Dynamic Logic


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