Social Moms

Moms are huge influencers.  They not only influence behavior of their children, they are a big influencer of consumer purchasing and their opinions bear a great deal of cache with other moms. A new study has been released that shows us how moms are becoming a dominating force of social media and the impact social media has on their decision making process.

• There are currently nearly 28 million moms on social networks across the US.  The represents over 80% of all women with children under 18 in their household

• By 2014, that number will grow to nearly 29 million or 85% of moms

• Half of online moms say that product reviews are the top social influencer of what they buy

• Over 20% say online opinions from friends are also a major influencer

• One in six online moms say that blogs are the top social purchase influencer

• 12% said that a general social media buzz about a product has swayed their decision to buy

What Does This Mean To You

Moms are a huge social media segment.  They can be a big boost to your business, but they could also a big hindrance to your success.  Nearly 40% say that blogs and online opinions are their chief social influencer – if these social views are positive, they can be a tremendous virtual testimonial and a way to draw in more business.  If these comments or opinions are not a good reflection on your brand or products, it could mean trouble.   Managing your social reputation with moms is very important.  Product reviews hold the most social weight with moms. Posting positive reviews on your social offerings and linking to them from your web site can help move the meter with them.  For more information on targeting moms and managing your social reputation, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Totsy; BabyCenter


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