Why Consumers “Like” Brands

The impact of social media on brands is undeniable.  As a part of a well thought out marketing campaign, social media can certainly help create results.  Social media can also be very detrimental to your business if you are not paying attention to what people are saying about you.  As social media continues to evolve and users become savvier, it’s good to look at information on why consumers “like” brands.  A study has been released that not only details why consumers click the “like” button, it also looks at what marketers think the “like” means.  The difference between why consumers “like” and what marketers think it means is surprising.

• Worldwide, the top reason consumers “like” a brand was because they are currently a loyal customer of the brand.  Nearly half of consumers said that was the reason they clicked “like”

• 46% wanted to receive incentives or rewards for engaging with the brand, another 46% wanted to keep track of news on the brand

• 43% were looking for special savings or brand related events

• 30% said they found the page’s content agreeable and “liked” for that reason

• Roughly one in four wanted to have their voice heard or to help other customers

• Approximately one in five clicked “like” because they either wanted to recommend the brand to friends or wanted to engage other customers

•  Marketers, mistakenly thought that the page’s content was the top reason why people “liked” a page.  That view held by nearly 60% of marketers surveyed

• Marketing professionals also put more stock in the customers need to be heard as a reason for the “like” – 41% of marketers thought people liked for that reason

• Marketer’s also vastly underestimated the customer loyalty factor.  Just 24% of marketers thought that was a reason for the “like”

• They also did not put as much weight in consumers desire for savings as a reason for “liking” a brand

What Does This Mean To You

Maybe the reason some brands are more successful than others on social media could come down to a misconception of what consumers are looking for.  While the majority of “likes” worldwide may come from loyal customers, utilizing some of the other information can help you create loyal customers – and then get those loyal customers to be recruiters for your brand.  Since every business is unique, ask your current fans or followers why they engage your company on social media.  If the reason they “like” you is because they are looking for coupons and other savings vehicles, then make sure it is the focus of your social media efforts.  But as we saw in a study last week – incentivize them to let others know how great your company is.  Maybe give better offers for those fans or followers who refer other customers.  These brand evangelists can be a big part of your social success.  For more information on how social media can help your business move the needle, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; CMO Council


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