More Businesses Moving To Mobile

Consumers are fully engaged with mobile – not just as a communication tool but as a shopping companion and product research tool.  Despite the huge amount of research into consumer’s mobile appetite, many businesses are still not players in the mobile arena.  A new research report has been released and it chronicles the growth in companies planning to use mobile as a marketing channel and what tools they plan to employ.

• Worldwide, 45% of companies are using mobile as a marketing platform

• Among the 55% who are not, over 40% plan on entering the mobile space in the next year, one third expect to be there in a year or more.  25% do not intend to develop a mobile solution

• The most used mobile marketing tools are mobile web site, 70% of companies using mobile have a mobile site, 55% are using mobile apps

• Nearly half are using QR codes and four in 10 have a SMS/MMS solution in place

• Over one-third of companies are advertising on mobile sites

• 24% use mobile push notifications triggered via email or CRM systems and 23% are involved in mobile search

• Just over one in 10 are utilizing geo-location mobile marketing capabilities

What Does This Mean To You

TThe effect of mobile movement depends on your current mobile situation.
If you have a mobile solution in place it means more competition for the mobile shopper. It means that you will need to investigate how new functionality to  your site will make it more effective than the competition.  It also means that shoppers are exposed to more messages and yours will need to be more visible to remain effective.
If you do not have a mobile solution, it means you will soon be part of a dwindling minority.  It also means there are more options for shoppers to turn to and you will have limited access to those shoppers.  It means that your competitors that have recently invested in mobile have something that will set them apart from you.  Mobile is a consumer driven phenomenon.  Your customers are using mobile devices and are relying on them to make their lives more convenient.  For more information on either developing a mobile solution or making your current one more robust, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; StrongMail



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