Who Are Twitter Users

ast week, we had a post on the growth of Twitter.  Today, we’ll look at who Twitter users are and what might be some consumer groups that your business could capitalize on.  There are several segments of the population that are heavy twitter users or have seen great growth in Twitter use that might be currently untapped by your organization.

• Nationally, just over half of Twitter users are female (53%)

• Adults under the age 30-49 are the biggest group of Twitter users, but 26% of online adults age 18-29 also use the social network

• Over 30% of Internet users age 18-24 use Twitter

• 30% of Twitter users have household incomes of $75,000+

• Four in 10 have college degrees

• Nearly half of Twitter users live in the suburbs

• Nearly 30% of online African-Americans use Twitter

What Does This Mean To You

Younger consumers, diverse audiences and educated adults are prime groups to target.  Twitter and other social networks  can help you connect with these groups to grow your business and extend your brand’s influence. They also are in the market to make a wide variety of purchases over the next 12 months..  For example, in Broward and Palm Beach Counties:

• Adults age 18-29 are much more likely than the market to purchase furniture

• African-American adults are 35% more likely to plan to buy a computer

• Adults with college degrees make up over 33% of those who plan to buy a smart phone

• One in four African-American adults plan to buy a vehicle

• 18-29 year olds make up nearly one-third of adults who plan to buy a tablet

For more information on using social media reach target audiences that can increase your bottom line, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or: Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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