The Graying Of the Internet

or several years, much research has been dedicated to the graying of America.  According to the 2010 US Census, there are over 40 million adults who are age 65+.  That equals 13% of the total population.  By 2015, the 65+ population is estimated to grow by 16% to over 46 million.  In 2020, there will be an estimated 54 million adults age 65+. The digital population has also seen significant growth as well.  A new study has been released detailing how adults age 65+ are using the internet.

• Over half of adults age 65+ use the internet or or email

• While usership is low compared to other age groups, it has seen the greatest recent grown.  Year over year, the number of online adults age 65+ has grown 23%

• Once adults age 65+ go online, it becomes a part of their daily routine.  70% of online seniors use the internet or email on a daily basis

• Nearly 40% of adults age 65+ have high speed internet connections at home

What Does This Mean To You

While just 13% of the nation as a whole is age 65+, 23% of Broward and Palm Beach County adults are age 65 or older.  And our online population is greater as well, 55% of our 65+ adults have internet access.  Over 60% have high speed internet connections and more than one in three have made an online purchase in the past year.  The digital domain is not just for the younger generation, local older adults go online to make purchases, get financial information or to do banking, find medical information, look for weather forecasts or make travel reservations. For more information on how to digitally target the senior digital population, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: US Census Bureau; Pew Internet & American Life Project; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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