Sports Fans And Streaming Media

Yesterday’s post talked about how sports fans have become immersed in social media.  One of the other digital functions that sports fans are enamored with is streaming video.  New research has been released that shows video is to sports fans.

• Two-thirds of sports fans are YouTube users

• 45% of online sports fans stream live video of events

• 90% of video streaming sports fans use officially licensed team feeds

• Over half of adults in Broward and Palm Beach counties who watched online video on their computers are very interested in major college or professional sports.  Nearly 60% of those who watched video on a mobile device are sports fans

What Does This Mean To You

Video views are at an all time high and sports fans are particularly interested in them.  Your business could benefit from both streaming media and video clips. Sports video clips have a tendency to become viral and paring your message with sports video clips can extend you offer and grow your business.  For more information on how video advertising can create more opportunities for your company, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mashable; Perform


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