Social Sports Fans

ocial media and sports are a match made in heaven.  It’s allowed arm chair quarterbacks and recliner coaches to expand the audience they have to complain about their favorite team’s ownership or why their college team will dominate this year.  A new study has been released that details how sports fans use social media and the platforms they are on.

• In 2012, over one in four sports fans use social media to follow leagues, teams or players.  In the past year, that number has grown by 72%

• 22% of sports fans use mobile devices to get scores or breaking sports news, the number of mobile sports fans has grown by nearly 70%

• Facebook is the most sports-friendly social network, 89% of fans who use social networks are on Facebook.

• Twitter is most of thought of as the social sports platform of choice, but just 33% of sports fans on social media use Twitter.  18% of fans are on Google+

• Over half of social sports fans follow leagues or teams, 46% follow individual players

• 48% use social networks to access video highlights, 48% also use them to access written articles.  35% use them get news bits or interviews

What Does This Mean To You

Sports are big business and sports fans are a great consumer base to target.  In Broward and Palm Beach County, nearly half of adults are very interested in major college or professional sports.  These adults are much more likely to be affluent and 50% are social networkers.   Some may think that the sports fan segment is an entirely male population, but over 40% of Broward and Palm Beach County sports fans are women.  For more information on reaching sports fanatics though social media, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or: Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mashable; Perform


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