iPads Continue To Be Tablets Of Choice

Tablets are still the hot consumer electronic device. Their popularity is a good thing for many businesses – Consumers who use tablets to make online purchases spend more on average than those who purchase via laptop or smart phone.  Although there are many tablets available in the marketplace, Apple’s iPad is the dominant device in the tablet category.

• Currently, just over three-quarters of all tablet users own iPads

• In total, there are over 53 million iPads deployed

• Next year, iPad ownership is predicted to increase by 33%

• By 2015, iPad ownership is expected to reach nearly 91 million, including 35% of all internet users

What Does This Mean To You

Tablets are the perfect device for mobile shopping.  Their screen size and amazing screen resolution allow consumers to see products like never before on mobile devices.  The portability is also a huge factor in their success.  Nationally, tablets are used mostly in the living room during prime time.  The “second screen” effect with tablets is also a big factor in their usefulness to your organization.  With so many consumers using tablets while watching TV, advertisers may see diminished attention to their TV message.  For more information on using tablets to grow your business, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Emarketer


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