Consumers Stay Connected Via Smart Phone

In yesterday’s post, we had an interesting fact that eight in 10 smart phone owners would not leave the house without their device.  That is just how important mobile has become to consumers.  The same study also touched on how consumers use their mobile devices.  The functionality that smart phones owners rely on also means great ways to deliver your message.

• Two-thirds of smart phone owners access the Internet on their device at least once a day

• Nearly 75% check their email on a smart phone everyday

• 62% visit search engines via mobile device at least once a day

• Six in 10 go to social network sites and over one-third go to video sharing sites

• 35% of smart phone owners expect to access the internet more with their mobile device in the future

What Does This Mean To You

Mobile is a consumer driven need for your business.  It is their conduit for information and it will only grow in importance to your business.  Over one-third of customers said they plan on using mobile devices more to access the internet in the future.  Is your business prepared to possibly lose access to 35% of your customer base?  Consumers have found that mobile makes it easier for them to do many tasks, including researching, shopping and buying goods & services.  Look at the tasks that consumers are using smart phones for on a daily basis – Email, search, social networking and video sharing. These are all things you can use to influence consumer behavior if your business is mobile-ly optimized.  Currently, 44% of Broward and Palm Beach county adults access the internet via mobile device. By not embracing mobile you are at risk of losing this large, growing group of customers.  For more information on how mobile can help you get the results you need, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or: Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Google – Our Mobile Planet/US; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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