Car Buyers And Mobile

America has a love affair with vehicles. Think of all the songs and movies that have centered around cars & trucks. To many people, getting your license is a right of passage. But buying a vehicle is a big decision – not just what to buy but where to buy as well. A new study has been released that shows how important mobile has become in that decision making process.

• Two-thirds of consumers are interested in using mobile devices to research buying or leasing a vehicle

• Nearly one in five have already used a mobile device to do vehicle research

• Nearly half of consumers said they thought mobile ads with deals or offers would be beneficial in making a vehicle decision if they were in the market to buy

• 21% thought mobile ads that contained deals, video or the ability to sign up for future offers would be most valuable in the purchase process

• Nearly 60% of consumers would visit a website or play a game as a result of a mobile ad

What Does This Mean To You

South Florida vehicle buyers are mobile-centric.

• Nearly 55% of Broward & Palm Beach county adults who plan to buy a vehicle live in a household that has a mobile device

• Broward and Palm Beach county adults with mobile devices are 48% more likely than those without mobile devices in the household to be vehicle buyers

• These mobilized vehicle buyers have median household incomes 20% higher thanoverall vehicle buyers

• Mobilized vehicle buyers are more likely than total vehicle buyers to spend $30,000+ on their vehicle

Mobile technology can help you connect with vehicle buyers. Not only are they interested in getting mobile offers for vehicles. They are more engaged with companies after seeing a mobile ad. The key to getting these buyers is targeting. There are several ways to target vehicle buyers through mobile devices. For more information on how to mobile-ly forge relationships with vehicle, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager
954 . 425 . 1158

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Mojiva; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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